Choosing the correct primer shade

Identifying the correct primer is crucial for every job. MaxMeyer has created the ‘multigrey identification tool’ to help you match the optimum primer with the colours you are using.

Never before has there been such a wide range of motor manufacturer finishes on our roads. Due to the use of 2-stage and 3-stage pearlescents many of the finishes on vehicles are transparent colours, which naturally do not give good opacity; therefore can require several costs to achieve coverage.

Applying several coats is both time consuming and costly in paint per repair volume. MaxMeyer MultiGrey® Primer System provides an efficient solution to help overcome this issue. With the use of a MaxMeyer MultiGrey Primer system, efficient coverage can be achieved over the complete colour range, even the most difficult of colours.

But which primer shade should you use?

MultiGrey Perceived opacity is best achieved by using a primer that matches the lightness and darkness of the topcoat colour. Coloured primers attempt to achieve this by providing a broad range of colours, which rarely match the depth of lightness or darkness of the topcoat, and are therefore limited in their effectiveness.

Identifying the correct primer is crucial for every job. To help you match the correct primer shade to the colour you are applying; MaxMeyer has created the 'MultiGrey Identification Tool'

The Multigrey system is a selection of grey shades available in the MaxMeyer Primer range, this tool helps you to select the correct grey shade for the colour including MultiGrey filler and wet on wet primer.

The purpose of this tool is to:

1. Reduce the amount of basecoat material needed to achieve perceived opacity over a primer saving process time and paint cost on a job.
2. This will improve the physical properties of the paint system on a vehicle

To access the 'MultiGrey Identification' tool please enter the TechTalk area.