The UK accident repair market is undergoing so many changes currently that competition is likely to continue to get more and more difficult. In order for your bodyshop to be successful in the long term, it is vital that the best is made of every opportunity to generate profitable growth.

This means that if a customer is prepared to visit your bodyshop, then we must try to ensure that we succeed in not only estimating for their repair work but that we maximise the opportunity to win the business through exceptional customer service.

Here are some tips on how to make sure you give your customers a good experience on visiting your bodyshop!

• Give them a smile. People love to deal with friendly people. For some, entering a bodyshop can seem intimidating, so make sure you smile and make them feel welcome. This applies to phone calls as well. You’ll be amazed by the difference a smile can make.

• Let them talk with the guys in the know. Your painters and operatives carry a great deal of expertise and knowledge, and hopefully passion in their jobs. Let your customers talk to them, don’t hide them away. By letting your customers talk to your painters this can create a level of reassurance that the job is being handled by a competent, trained professional.

• Do the job right first time. Nothing is more dissatisfying for a customer than going to pick a car up to then find a problem when they do the checks. Do you carry out a final check of the vehicle to make sure the repair is perfect and the vehicle is in the right condition to be returned? Seems obvious but if you don’t it could be costly!

• Honesty is the best policy. Tell the customer if there may be extra costings that weren’t noticed initially and show the importance of what you are doing. Being honest will help to cement your relationship and shows them you are treating them fairly.

• Don’t break a promise. Managing customer expectations is critical. If you aren’t going to have the job complete until 6pm don’t let them arrive at 5pm! Ring your customer as soon as possible once you realise there could be a delay.

• Go above and beyond. Throw in a free mini valet or change the wiper blades – make sure the customer knows you’ve done it. Exceeding expectations goes a long way in creating repeat business.