Save time and money with MAXMEYER® MultiGrey

Never before has there been such a wide range of Motor Manufacturer finishes on our roads. Due to the use of 2-stage and 3-stage pearlescents many of the finishes on vehicles are transparent colours, which naturally do not give good opacity and therefore can require several costs to achieve coverage. Applying several coats is both time consuming and costly in paint per repair volume. MaxMeyer MultiGrey system provides an efficient solution to help overcome this issue in a quick and cost effective way.

With the use of MaxMeyer MultiGrey efficient coverage can be achieved over the complete colour range, even the most difficult of colours.
The MultiGrey Concept

Perceived opacity is best achieved by using a primer that matches the lightness and darkness of the topcoat
colour. Coloured primers attempt to achieve this by providing a broad range of colours, which rarely match the depth of lightness or darkness of the topcoat, and are therefore limited in their effectiveness. MaxMeyer research shows that by using a neutral grey primer, the intensity of a specific topcoat colour can be matched, minimising the number of coats of colour required to achieve perceived coverage. Multigreys can be mixed to give the correct grey shade for your topcoat colour. Helping to improve throughput and save on topcoat material usage
MaxMeyer MultiGrey System

The MaxMeyer MultiGrey system is a range of grey shades available in the MaxMeyer Primer range, designed to allow you to use the correct grey shade for the colour including HP MultiGrey filler and wet on wet primer.

The system has been developed to incorporate a range of five shades of grey suitable for use under all covers that can be achieved from just three products white, grey and dark grey.

MultiGrey shades are selected according to topcoat colour. The recommended MultiGrey shade for any colour can be referenced in the MaxMeyer colour information systems. After selecting the correct MultiGrey shade for the topcoat colour, the primer shades are made by reference to the the chart below. MultiGrey M1, M4 and M6 are available straight from the can. Other shades of grey can be made using blends of the MultiGrey.

The MaxMeyer MultiGrey system bodyshop benefits

1.Quicker repairs - Fewer coats to achieve coverage saves spraying and drying time
2.Cost savings - fewer coats being applied, thereby cost saving in the amount of paint used
and labour time
3.Ease of use - Five MultiGrey can be mixed from just three products
4.Overall final appearance – Improved due to improved colour matching specifically on spot repairs, and there is no influence on colour as with coloured undercoats.