How does your bodyshop respond to reworks?
Have you considered the real cost to your bodyshop?

Rework or rectification can be a high cost area! What's more is you have to inform your customer they won't be picking up their car when they first thought – think back to the MMP bulletin on 'customer referrals'. If a customer experience is negative, this can lead to a negative referral and significantly damage your bodyshops reputation. Then consider motivation of your painters – no one likes doing the same job twice!

MaxMeyer aims to help make your Bodyshop more effective and ultimately more profitable with a ‘Techtalk’ focus on reworks.

The MaxMeyer TechTalk Targeting Reworks bulletin highlights some of the contributing factors for rework and the process tips on how to avoid them from the start; designed to help you reduce reworks and achieve ‘right first time’ results.

The Techtalk rework bulletin is available now in TechTalk.