Top Tips on how to ensure employee satisfaction in the Bodyshop!

Bodyshop managers around the world are concerned that Refinish is not as attractive as other professions, and they are worried about the ripple effect that this is having on attracting and retaining employees. It is essential that Bodyshop managers are able to understand the issues their employees face and resolve them.

Despite the Refinish industry being a skilled profession with lots of opportunities, we have been told that some employees worry that the industry is not appealing to the next generation and this is impacting the motivation of those already working within the sector.

We are trying to help solve this problem, and we have identified below five key factors that affect employee satisfaction and we have provided a few top tips on how to resolve this:

  1. Social
  • It is essential to have a great manager and employee relationship, as if the employee feels that they can talk to the manager this will help improve job satisfaction.
  • Make sure that all employees know that they are valued – don’t be afraid to occasionally praise your workers!
  • Keep employees up to date on any future plans and let them be involved in influencing these plans, this will help show that you value their opinion

      2. Identity

  • It is essential to show a respectful Bodyshop environment, ensure that all of your employee’s ideas and beliefs are respected.
  • Make sure that your company has a reputable status, this will help keep job satisfaction at a high.

      3. Salary

  • It may seem obvious but you need to ensure that your employees feel financially secure within their job.
  • Don’t be scared to, occasionally, provide employees with extra benefits or perks – this will go a long way!

      4. Challenge

  • Provide your employees with the opportunity to prove themselves, increased responsibility can increase job satisfaction.
  • Ensure you offer your employees opportunities to train and develop their skills further.

       5. Territory

  • Ensure that the work place feels like a safe environment for all employees.
  • Make sure that all of your employees have the correct tools and equipment to do their jobs to the best of their ability.