Increase your bodyshop’s throughput with the new quick and user friendly HP Multigrey Extra Primers from MAXMEYER®

MAXMEYER® has developed the new HP Multigrey Extra Primers which are fast drying combining process speed and ease of application with excellent sanding properties. The new primers can be left to air dry overnight in temperatures less than 20°C; improving bodyshop efficiency without compromising on the quality of the final finish.


In addition to all that, these new primers can also be applied in two ways - high build mode and by roll priming. As well as offering reduced stock holding, the ability to roll prime means that time less materials are used – masking & cups, spray booth can be utilised for topcoat and of course it can be left overnight to dry. It can be over coated with AQUAMAX® waterborne basecoat and UHS DURALIT® Extra direct gloss.

For more information about the new HP Multigrey Extra Primers from MaxMeyer please call our Customer Services Team on 01449 771779


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