eFiche colour retrieval provides a faster, easier way to look up a colour formulation. In addition to searching by paint code, e-Fiche can perform generic searches by OEM and year, colour name or family. eFiche gives immediate access to colour formulations.

Whether you search by OEM and year, color name or colour family or traditional codes, eFiche automatically calculates the amounts for every formula and updates its paint lines each time a formula is changed. eFiche software accurately identifies all the layers with one easy search.

Features & Benefits:

1. E-Fiche Colour - 4 CD’s per year mailed directly to your bodyshop.

2. Global database updated by our colour labs around the world - Large choice of most recent formulations.

3. On-Line Colour - 24/7 latest colour information access via https://buyat.ppg.com/colorweb/maxmeyer/