Quick and easy colour retrieval

PaintManager provides instant access to formulations for all MaxMeyer paint lines including primes, variants and specials.

PaintManager can perform generic searches by motor manufacturer and year, colour name or family. Paint Manager gives immediate access to colour formulations with one easy search.

Key features

  • Delivers colour formulas from motor manufacturers
  • Links with scales, bar-code readers , label printers
  • 24/7 instant access; to over 64,500 formulations: Get the most accurate match in seconds.
  • Automatic updates via Internet or CD


PaintManager software is flexible enough to add to a network, and is enabled to be updated via CD or directly over the Internet. It's also simple enough to use intuitively.


  • More colour formulars delivered faster than typical CD releases.
  • No more long hours tending to laborious CD installs. You choose when – day or night.
  • CD-vs -Web _Speed Graph _PPGKeeping current with software improvements delivered when you need them.
  • Internet connectivity offers real-time customer support.
  • Safe – secure delivery mechanism guaranteed to provide time savings for owners and managers.
  • More reflectance data to improve the RAPIDMATCH™ program software.
  • Registration is fast – receive your first automatic update in minutes.


1. Registration required to use Internet Update with PaintManager software.

Visit eu.internetupdate.ppg.com to register and receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

If you have your personal CTS ID available the registration process will be immediate. To get your personal CTS ID, contact our customer service at the +39 <Country Customer Service>.

When the registration is completed use your CTS ID and PIN in Internet Update.

2. If you have been already register, you only need download the program: click here