The range of clearcoats from MAXMEYER® coatings provides the bodyshop with state easy to use products that enhance bodyshops efficiency and profitability.

With a range of hardeners and thinners to optimise the repair, spot repairs through to total resprays can be carried out easily under a wide range of temperatures and bodyshop conditions.


  • 1.360.0300 HS Clearcoat 0300


    High quality clearcoat formulated to offer a high gloss finish over AQUAMAX® basecoat. This durable clearcoat provides you with a fast drying, easy to use offer with a simple 2:1 mixing ratio. Due to its high solid content, it saves on product whilst also offering excellent polishing characteristics. 

    Available with 3 Hardener choices.  2740 provides the fastest process time at 60°C, 2730 can be used when a slower option is needed and 2720 which is suitable for applications in a low bake environment to provide optimum performance at temperatures of up to 30°C or when air drying is required.

    Use it when you want to achieve a high gloss finish but need reduced process times. 

    Features and Benefits

    1. Easy mixing: It's simple 2:1 ratio eases product use.
    2. Fast flash off: 0 – 5 minutes flash off before baking. Improving bodyshop throughput.
    3. Good polishing characteristics: Polishing is easy and can be carried out days after the product has been applied.
    4. High solid properties: Due to its high solid content, less product needs to be applied compared to a medium solid
      to give the same film build. Saving on product usage for the bodyshop.
    5. Range of hardener options: Gives bodyshops flexibility for different types of repair.
    6. Robust Application Properties: Can be used successfully in a wide variety of bodyshop conditions all year round.
    7. Visit application: Improving process time and energy cost savings.


  • 1.360.0710 / 0750 Matt / Semi gloss Clearcoat


    Adaptable and easy to use the clearcoat allows you to achieve a low gloss finish with the additional benefit of being able to blend 0710 and 0750 together to replicate a wide range of low gloss level finishes. Basecoat blending removes the need to go edge to edge or risk colour variation.

    Use it when you need to recreate motor manufacturer finishes. 

    Features and Benefits

    1. Adaptable and easy to use: No complicated mixing with matting agents. Can be adapted to suit local conditions and vehicle variations.
    2. Basecoat blending: No need to go edge to edge or risk colour variation.
    3. Easy to denib and remove dirt: Quick and easy repair.
    4. Two dedicated clearcoats that can be blended together: Simple and effective choice to cover all full body low gloss repairs.