Use the MaxMeyer estimating log to get more from your estimates

What does your Bodyshop do when asked for an estimate?How much detail do you capture from the customer?

Don’t forget to use your estimating log to highlight upselling opportunities!

The MaxMeyer Estimating Log is designed to help you get more from your estimates. Use the Estimating Log as a tool to capture information to help you identify opportunities for selling additional services whilst also following up on estimates and understanding your work mix and marketing success

How? The MaxMeyer Estimating Log is a visual reminder and prompt for estimators when meeting customers and walk–ins. Estimators should use the MaxMeyer Estimating Log to record each and every customer that comes into your Bodyshop and fill in as much detail as possible, to help make your life easier when following up on that estimate.

The Estimating Log can highlight opportunities for up sell and provide useful detail when reviewing your work mix and your marketing success.

Sometimes you won’t be able to fill in everything but definitely try to capture the key details
• Name
• Car
• Phone contact
• Estimate value
• Source - how did they hear about you?

This will give you enough information to be able to follow up any jobs you don’t book in first time.

The MaxMeyer Plus Estimating Log will allow you to easily record:

Up selling – Track what opportunities to sell additional services your estimators are taking advantage of; for example alloy wheel repair or wiper blades replacement. Review what you and your team are selling regularly and what is not so popular. This may be expose opportunities whilst also being an up sell prompt!

Insurers - Which ones are you working with? Having negotiation issues with? This is useful to capture to understand the work provision coming through to you from your work providers.

Source of Work – How did the work get to you? This is a useful way in gauging how well your marketing activity works. For example did they see your website, your flyers or were they personally recommended?

Business Type – Understand your work mix and identify the opportunities to gain more work. Consider how much is coming from fully comprehensive claims? Can you pull in more retail work?

What to look for:
At the end of each day/week or month - review the log to see what you are selling and check how many estimates you are doing compared to the number of jobs you book in.

Finally if the Log is on your desk - it will prompt you to make the follow up call. 

Follow up for 2 reasons

1. To book the job in
2. To find out why you lost it

Show the customer you care and that you are interested in helping them by contacting them following the estimate. By being proactive you are more likely to win the business compared to another bodyshop who doesn’t.

Follow up is also a good opportunity for research if the job has been lost. You can use the follow up call to ask why the repair went to another bodyshop. Was it the cost? Service? Aesthetics of your bodyshop? This is vital information for your bodyshop in terms of how you can increase your estimate to job conversions.

Start getting more from your estimates today by downloading the MaxMeyer Estimating Log here.