You will often hear the term 'KPI' - this stands for Key Performance Indicators which, simply put, are measurements which quickly tell you how your business is doing and then help you look at how to improve. Key Indicators covered include bodyshop efficiency and utilisation as well as the 3 main 'sales or profit' areas of any bodyshop; namely labour, parts and paints and materials.

KPI Calculator Tool

The MaxMeyer Plus Key Performance Indicator Tool will help make your life easier when measuring performance of your bodyshop by providing you with your own capture sheet, details of how to use the tool with a worked example. Download here

A Guide to KPI terms

We understand Key Performance Indicators can seem complicated! There are many different types of KPI analysis available, from many different sources and each of those sources can have a different meaning. Here is a list of key terms associated with KPI with a quick guide to what they mean. Download here.