Duncan Edwards - Owner, Altered Image Coachworks - "MaxMeyer maximizes paint and materials profit yet doesn’t compromise on finish quality".

Chris Wright - Owner, Carbonyte UK - “MaxMeyer offers a trusted paint scheme that works, and we are able to apply paint successfully to very large cars and achieve a top quality finish every time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending MaxMeyer, it’s a guarantee of quality”.

Steve Layton, Carrosserie Company - "MaxMeyer Plus has made me look at my business in a different way. With MaxMeyer Plus I can see more opportunities to develop retail business and bottom line profit; this will help safeguard the future for myself and for my staff”.

TC Body ‘n’ Paint, Ipswich - I went away from a MaxMeyer training course being able to use the products confidently. I would highly recommend the MaxMeyer training courses to anyone”.

Jamie Barton – Bodyshop Manager, Richardson Ford - MaxMeyer increases my Bodyshop profitability particularly on retail and non-approval work; ultimately it allows me to be more competitive”.

Peter Hoier – Bodyshop Manager, Brian Leighton Garage - Overall MaxMeyer is excellent for us. It’s good value and good quality across the whole range. It increases our profitability with the least effort”.