Passion for Colour
MaxMeyer coatings has a history of passion in colour. From its foundation in 1895 in Milan it produced a colour paint product by dispersing powder into linseed oil. The mix of colour and protection led the way for future developments.

During the 1930 through to the 1980's MaxMeyer coatings worked hand in hand with the Italian automotive industry. Fiat and Alfa were leading the world in the design of luxury models and sport cars. MaxMeyer coatings supported the industry by developing customised products and finishes from fine enamels to baked enamels that delivered durability and colour.

Over the last century, MaxMeyer coatings has become a major international refinish industry, keeping true to its original philosophy: to improve the business for its customers by delivering high performance products that are easy to use.

As part of PPG, MaxMeyer benefits from the expertise and experience of a world leading coatings manufacturer. Our closing working relationships with motor manufacturers combined with our expertise in colour research ensures we have an intimate knowledge of upcoming colours and variants, ensuring that you can match any vehicle that enters your Bodyshop.

Combined with state of the art production facilities and a comprehensive colour tool offer, MaxMeyer brand offers bodyshop customers dedicated colour support to ensure you benefit from reliable colour matching giving you a perfect colour every time for a quality finish.

For the future, MaxMeyer coatings products remain the industry benchmark for offering excellent results in a simple and effective way.