Before launching out to win new business or spending any money marketing it is worthwhile taking some time to do some fact finding. Take a look at your Bodyshop today and ask yourself "what are we good at and what do we need to get better at?"

An example could be converting estimates; many Bodyshops are busy trying to win more new customers yet they are not converting the enquiries they are already getting.

So what is your estimate conversion rate?

This section will provide you with tools that will help you look at your Bodyshop closer so you get it into better shape to win that new business.

6 Initial Marketing Questions

These questions will give you an initial starting point for your marketing activity. Please just go with your ‘gut' reaction & consider giving a copy to other members of your bodyshop team and see what answers they give.

Download here.

KPI Guide

We understand key performance indicators can seem complicated. There are many different types of KPI analysis available, from many different sources and each of those sources can have a different meaning.

Download our guide here.