Want to avoid costly reworks and avoid reputational damage?

We show you why etch primer is critical when repairing panels, to ensure you avoid your customers returning with corrosion problems.

Why should an Etch Primer be used?

Original vehicle panels are galvanised and applied with electrocoated to
provide protection from corrosion. As a result, when sanding repair areas down to bare metal, this can remove the original galvanising and electrocoating properties and opens up the underlying substrate to potential corrosion. This could result in panels rusting and the vehicle being returned to your Bodyshop with an unhappy customer! Longer term this could lead to significant reputational damage.

The example below shows a repair to offside front and rear doors skins. Unfortunately, this repair shows signs of corrosion because the electrocoating properties have been removed and the substrate has not been protected.

How do I avoid this happening to my repairs?

To avoid your repairs being returned with corrosion problems it is essential to protect the substrate surface before application of topcoat. MaxMeyer has the solution! Check out the MaxMeyer 'Etch Primer' bulletin.

For more process support visit the MaxMeyer TechTalk area in Business Support.