To help start generating more retail enquiries for your business while you’re next at a retail park, think about this...

A large retail park will have tens of thousands of visitors every week, most of them drive there. Every day cars are reversed into, collide with posts in the retail car parks. According to accident specialists, Accident Exchange, every year there are approximately 125,000* general car park incidents, that’s 342 every day!

Most incidents are the result of low speed manoeuvres in relatively cramped car parks, with damage ranging from front and rear-end collisions to bumps to doors, buckled wheels and burst tyres. Could you offer your services to these customers?

Lots of these customers go to Customer Services to either report or complain. If you can demonstrate a useful service to help the retail stores customers and staff they, in turn, will help you win more retail work!

Next time you are in your local supermarket or retail park why not see if they will promote your business for you. Have a think about these ideas.

Offer your services to customer services.

Think back to the figure of 342 car park collisions every day. Lots of these customers go to customer services to report or complain. Why not see if you could leave flyers with the Customer Services desk? Maybe offer a special discount for work directed to you? Demonstrate how your services can help the customers of the store.

Get your bodyshop name seen

Do you have a company van or courtesy car with your logo and number on? Where do your park it on Saturday and Sundays? If it was parked in a retail car park, by the entrance or exit, how many people would see it? Get your bodyshop name seen!

Why not offer your services to the staff of the retail shops?

There are examples of repairers being advertised on company intranet sites and their adverts being pinned to staff notice boards. Offer something to help their staff, how about a free valet following an alloy wheel repair.

The Accident Exchange research was based on 68,963 incidents handled between 2010 and July 2012*