Product Description

HP Multigrey Extra 1.856.5101 / 5104 / 5106 offer good filling capabilities, excellent laydown characteristics and easy sanding. Available in three shades giving you the right shade of grey to obtain opacity with reduced product consumption. 

Use the correct M shade under basecoat colours to reduce basecoat usage and improve process times. 

Features and Benefits

  1. Complete Primer offer: Provides the correct shade of primer for 70% of all colour formulations, without the need for mixing. Saving time and money for the bodyshop.
  2. Easy sanding: Developed for ease of sanding, both dry and wet, it uses minimal sanding abrasive. Promotes an easier painting process for the Bodyshop, helping to increase productivity.
  3. MultiGrey capability: MultiGreys can be mixed to give the correct greyshade for your topcoat colour. Helping to improve throughput and save on topcoat material usage.
  4. Robust application properties: Suitable for a wide range of bodyshop conditions. Providing excellent performance all year round.

Product Code: 1.856.5101 / 5104 / 5106