Product Description

MaxMeyer is extending its Premium Primer range introducing the new Multi-dry Primer platform. This new 2 component acrylic primer has been optimised to be compatible with AQUAMAX® 2 basecoat.

1.856.611x is a VOC Compliant Primer, offered with a dedicated hardener and two thinners (STD and HT), to comply with different ranges of temperatures.

Product Code: 1.856.611x



Master Your Craft With Ease.

Experience Reliability And Sustainability.

1.856.710x has been designed to deliver excellent airdrying properties: it provides 80 – 100microns sandable in 30 mins @ 20 °C. The Multi-dry Primer is based on an acrylic technology that ensures the air-dry performance does not vary depending on humidity conditions.

The launch of this sustainable product allows customers to be confident of the process, that will be energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Besides the good drying properties, the painter will enjoy using this product for the dry film thickness versatility (from 80μ - max 140μ).



  • Acrylic technology
  • Air-dry mode
  • One Visit Process  
  • Ease of sanding
  • CMRs free primer



  • Consistent performance across all bodyshop conditions
  • Energy efficient product
  • Ease of application
  • Ease of use
  • Sustainable product



  • 1.955.7055 - Hardener for Multi-dry Primer - E1


  • 1.921.6060 - Standard Thinner for Multi-dry Primer - E1
  • 1.921.6062 - High Temp Thinner for Multi-dry Primer - E1